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How to Wake Up After Lunch… The Realtor’s Way!

by Dee Marie Fisher on Saturday, September 20, 2008

I just ran across an article entitled "How to Wake Up After Lunch".  It caught my eye because I’m sitting at my desk fighting the afternoon blahs…. that time when energy is low, the desire to head for home is high, and the work isn’t done!  You tell me if the following would help you wake up:

  • Wake up with a glass of tart lemonade or a couple of sour candies. 
  • Spray citrus air freshener around.
  • Put on some fast music and dance
  • If the above does not work, get to a sink and splash your face with cold water
  • Distract yourself…. relive an amusing incident, a funny movie or TV show
  • Last but not least….. come up with a reward for yourself if you can get down to business right now.

Okay, for me the reward would be to head out of the office to show some outstanding homes in the area or meet with a client, friend or family member for a bit of socializing.

Did this work for me?  Yes, I’m ready to get back to work looking at what homes are selling in Del Mar, so I can reward myself in an hour or so by looking at a new home on the market! 

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